December 01, 2017

Why care? | Our colleagues share their reasons' for choosing a career working in elderly health care #Winter #Warmers


It’s here! The 1st of December!

FINALLY we can decorate our Christmas trees’ without judgement (…it’s never too soon in our book).

At this special time of the year, we want to spread some joy with our “Winter Warmers”. So, we will be sharing a story a day to warm your hearts this Christmas time!

We start by hearing from some very inspirational people – our colleagues.

Recently, we travelled across the country to interview our care home colleagues and ask them - why care? Why did you choose a career in elderly care? What motivates you to do what you do? The answers were inspiring from personal struggles leading to a career in care, to enjoying getting to know someone and experiencing the joy of making them laugh. 

Needless to say there were tears at times, but also laughter.

We wish we could share all of their answers’ with you but here are just some of their reasons for choosing such a remarkable profession.

 A big thank you to Tracey, Jamie, Allana, Elita, Nanette, Deborah, Craig and Caroline for sharing your lovely words. We are so proud to work with such inspiring people! 


I think in care you're either a person that can…or a person that can’t. You’ve got to have a lot of empathy, you’ve got to have a lot of patience, a lot of understanding and you’ve got to care about what you’re doing… really care.


… I just sort of started picking care shifts up and actually I really enjoyed it… like the interaction with the residents and (I) went home at night thinking, I’ve helped someone and it was a good feeling, so that’s how I got into the care side.


… I’ve read one story about a gentlemen he was (at) the D-Day landings …he was there for 69 days and he fought for this country, and I never knew that until looking through his memory box - and that was down to the families engaging with us and putting that in. How proud... that I’m looking after those people who fought for this country. They’ve all got a story to tell and I want to share them, and I want to be proud for them.


…it sounds bizarre but I really do love my job. I really do. It can be ups and downs but I really love my job… And I just like, it was something different, elderly care, so that’s why I applied, and I was quite passionate as well to say I can make changes, I can make (a) difference.


…it’s a lovely, family atmosphere in the home, it’s a lovely place it work. We all work together. I’ll get the hoover out and I’ll hoover the lobby way. You know, we work as a team… and it’s our residents’ home and we’re privileged to be here looking after them.


… I was just interested in developing communication, talking to people, learning more about people, but learning about their individual history. Learning about them as a person.


Well, I liked the idea of working in care because my grandparents were actually in care at one point, and I really respected the care staff who worked with them so I thought I would like to give it a try. Tried it, and I just fell in love with the job. I don’t think there is any other job in the world like care, it’s just completely unique. 


Working with people with Dementia is just… it’s so rewarding and you know I feel as if I’ve done something for them.

Tracey (continued)

I think giving someone dignity in care, until the very end is the best you can do… and it’s the only time you finish your job.


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