January 30, 2018

Four Seasons Health Care Preceptorship Training Programme | Empowering our newly qualified Nurse Practitioners


The beginning of a newly qualified Nurse practitioner's career can be a perplexing stage. Initial experiences can mould them into the Nurse they will become. To guarantee the best possible start for newly qualified Nurses and health professionals, a structured and valuable Preceptorship Programme is vital. 

Four Seasons Health Care Preceptorship Training Programme

A period of preceptorship helps to develop a newly qualified practitioner, supporting them to further cultivate their practice. Here at Four Seasons Health Care all of our newly qualified practitioners are supported by an experienced practitioner (a preceptor / mentor), to increase their confidence so that they are able to work independently, to enhance their skills and to induct them into the care home environment.  

Feedback from our Preceptorship Programme has helped us to evolve our teaching to provide expert support in innovative ways, not only from our internal team but also from external professionals. Our Nurses are always learning from the most up-to-date best practices giving them a foundation for their continued learning, and allowing our Nurses to provide the very best patient-centred care confidently.

In September 2017 we went along to the final day of preceptorship training at our training centre in Laburnum Court Care Home to meet some of our Graduate Nurses, and to hear their thoughts and feedback regarding the Four Seasons Health Care Preceptorship Programme.

In this video Katie and Roma share their thoughts after completing their 2 week preceptorship training with Four Seasons Health Care:

Katie: “The Preceptorship Programme has been amazing. We’ve not just had Jim and Cath who are really knowledgeable trainers, who’ve had a background of health and nursing side, we’ve also had speakers come in from outside areas. So, we’ve had dysphasia training, we’ve had the end of life training, we’ve had all sorts, it’s been a really good learning curve. We’ve also been able to brush up on our clinical skills, so from a background of learning disability nursing, not working within a hospital environment, it was really important for me to brush up on my blood pressure skills and things like that, so it’s taught me a lot.”

Roma: “It’s been fab, it’s been absolutely amazing. Jim and Cath have been really good, really supportive, and again the amount of support, the amount of times they have said, ‘Pick up the phone, phone us.’ Normally people at a higher level say, ‘Go to your line-manager, go to your manager.’, but it’s the whole way through Four Seasons they’re saying, ‘Pick up the phone, phone us, it doesn’t matter which one of us you phone.’ – and that surprised me, the openness, the honesty that’s really good and that’s what I want, I want people to be honest with me.”

1. How engaging were your trainers and the training materials provided?

Katie: “So, there was a range of training things which were offered to us, we had the PowerPoints we had a lot of group work, we had individual work, we’ve also filled out evaluation forms on each subject (about) what we’ve learnt as well, just to give a bit of feedback."

Roma: “Yeah, fab, we’ve had so much fun. It’s a bit bitter sweet today that we’re leaving because we’ve had really good fun, we’ve been interactive. Dee came in yesterday with the memory boxes  - which was amazing, to know the people’s lives that we’re going to be looking after – and we got into that, we really got engaged and we’ve had a few games and quizzes along the way with the nutrition guy and with Jim and Cath, and it’s been fab, the girls are all fab, we’re going to stay in touch so that’s good.”

2. Do you feel you have been given the support to kick-start your career?

Katie: “Definitely, I feel a lot more confident now, it’s given me a great start really, it’s been really supportive. I now feel ready that I can go into the home and make a great start as a newly qualified Nurse."

Roma: "Definitely, and we’ve still got the 12 week preceptorship (Nurse Induction), which I think is going to be additional support and make us ready for the role, hopefully, that we are going to do. And, if we don’t feel ready, we still know that there is ongoing support there."

3. Has completing the programme changed how you would approach your role in the home?

Katie: “Definitely, I mean especially in regards to the leadership session, I think it (helps you) reflect yourself and I’ve taken into consideration how I might change, the way I might come across to people, thinking about my own leadership skills as well, so the reflections have been great.”

4. Has completing the programme helped your personal development?

Roma: “Yes, definitely it’s opened my eyes to show me and give me the resources that I need if I’ve got to do supervisions and things like that, it’s made me feel a bit more confident and look for the positives in our roles.”

Katie: “Yeah I mean so we’ve had a lot of intensive training during the two weeks but it wasn’t just the programme, we’ve been given resources to further our learning and development."

5. Was there a particular aspect of the training you enjoyed?

Katie: “The end of life care and palliative care, prior to the session I was a bit unsure about the differences between the two, because they usually come together, so I’ve got a much better insight into the two now."

Roma: “The activities, the memory boxes, to open those bags and just take out a few of those personal belongings but to be able to tell that person’s whole life, that was amazing because some people with dementia have forgotten that.”

6. What resources did you find most useful?

Katie: “So at the start of the programme, we were handed a revalidation folder which was already pre-made for us, so I’m going to take that folder back, it’s all to do with your continuing professional development so all the training sessions we’ve had I can include in that, so when I’m wanting to revalidate in three years to come, all this training also adds on to that, so it gives you a good head-start – so that resource pack has been really good."


For more information regarding our Preceptorship Programme contact recruitment@fshc.co.uk or view our current vacancies here.


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