May 08, 2018

Celebrating International Nurses' Day 2018 | This Nurse... is a superhero


Saturday 12th May 2018 is ‘International Nurses’ Day’; a day dedicated to celebrating everything our devoted Nurses do!

At Four Seasons Health Care we know that each and every one of our Nurses deliver outstanding care every day, and frequently go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether it is coming in on their day off to take our residents to the theatre, raising money for their Residents’ Fund, staying late to support our families or even painting fences to brighten up our homes, our Nurses are truly our superheroes!

We are proud and privileged to work alongside our care teams and Nurses, and we recognise that often the little things they do to bring a smile to our residents’ faces often go unnoticed. Because caring is inherently a part of who they are, they do not actively seek praise, but they deserve it!

We believe all of our Nurses are superheroes, but no superhero acts alone. That is why we are teaming up with the RCN’s #Thisnurse campaign to bring you some amazing examples of our real life superhero Nurses.

Four Seasons Health Care’s Care Awards 2017 took place in February 2018 and we received over 100 nominations in the category ‘Registered Nurse of the Year.’ Unfortunately there could only be one winner, but all of our nurses are winners in their own right. Here are just some of the nominations:

This Nurse… has taught me how to find happiness

Maria, Registered Nurse, Parkview Care Home, Belfast

“I would like to nominate Maria for a Care Award as she cares and has a lot of respect for me. She is gentle and kind, and she will be my number one nurse forever. She has taught me the positive sides of life and how to find happiness in my wee house in Parkview Care Home. Good luck Maria!”

Nominated by: Barbara, Resident

This Nurse… is a friendly face our residents and families know and trust

Gareth, Registered Nurse, Campsie View Care Home, Scotland

“Gareth works tirelessly to ensure the best care is delivered in Campsie View. He was our 'DCF (Dementia Care Framework) Champion' and worked to get a 56 bedded unit accredited in the allotted time frame. He followed up on all training to make sure it was being implemented in practice. He regularly works 50-60 hour weeks to reduce agency usage so that residents and families have a face they know and trust. He has set up and runs a gardening group that aims to reduce stress and anxiety for residents and therefore sedative medications are not required. He regularly receives positive feedback from residents and relatives, and residents look for him when he is on days off."

Nominated by: Katy, Home Manager

This Nurse… goes over and above in order to ensure our residents are living their lives the best that they can

Alison, Registered Nurse, Cumbrae Lodge, Scotland

“I am nominating Alison because she is kind, generous, and compassionate to her residents, staff and relatives. She goes over and above everyone else in order to ensure the residents are living their lives to the best that they can. She volunteers her own time for extracurricular activities in order to benefit the home such as charity days, and also volunteers in other local communities in her own time through her local church.”

Nominated by: Kim, Care Assistant


“I am nominating Alison because she is approachable, first class with the residents and staff, she is caring, gives it her all, and makes my job enjoyable, as she is always there for you through personal problems and any work issues I may have, and is very trustworthy.”

Nominated by Joan, Care Assistant

“I want to nominate Alison because she is brilliant nurse that goes beyond her role, she's very trust worthy and always helps when you need it, a credit to her profession.”

Nominated by Kirsty, Care Assistant

This Nurse… is like an older sister who helps us to find right pathway

Nicola, Deputy Registered Nurse, Havencourt, Scotland

“Nicola used to be an agency nurse before she applied for permanent post at Havencourt. She always used to be a trusted staff member. When she started working as our permanent member of the team her attitude didn't falter. I can truly see how much she cares about our residents and our team. For example, on her office days she checks on us and works on the floor if she can see we need help, without even needing to be asked. She tries to improve work every day, but at the same time she is approachable. She always values her team and treats us and the residents with respect and as individuals. After each shift with her, our team feels that they’re doing a good job and that this is right place for them. She is like an older sister who helps us to find right pathway. When I was doing my SNCA 12 week programme and SVQ , I always knew that I could go and speak with her, ask for advice and learn something new. I'm very thankful for all she did, I felt supported at all the times! She's still supportive now, she is my inspiration, as someday I would like to complete my nursing degree and become a nurse just like her, and hopefully I will be as good as she is!”

Nominated by: Aleksandra, SNCA

This nurse… will hold your hand when you are at your lowest

Viktoria, Registered Nurse, Holywood Care Home, Northern Ireland

"I am nominating Viktoria for the following reasons… Viktoria has a very kind and caring nature, very conscientious with her work and always has the best interests of the residents in her heart. Viktoria adores every resident that comes into this home; nothing is too much for her. She has a kind heart and will stop at nothing to ensure the safety and wellbeing of her residents. Viktoria will go and visit residents in hospital on her days off, or even after a 12 hour shift and will hold their hand when they are at their lowest. She has a vibrant personality and it shines throughout the home. Residents LOVE Viktoria and get upset when she is on her day off or on annual leave. All the staff love working alongside Viktoria and she is a pleasure to have on my team."

Nominated by: Roxana, Acting Home Manager

This nurse… went out of his way to make sure Dad was comfortable

Jonard, Registered Nurse, Doulton Court, England East

“Jonard we felt went out of his way to make sure Dad was as comfortable as he could be, always popping his head in to check, to ask us and Dad if there was anything else he could do. Jonard spent time just talking to us, answering any questions we had, probably the same question many times, but never once did you think you might be holding him up from other patients, he always had time for us. When change-over would come, Jonard always made sure Dad wasn’t distressed, and was comfortable before he left. They also had respect for Dad when handling and moving Dad. We knew we could trust Dads care with Jonard and felt Dad was getting the best care he could have possibly have with Jonard. I would recommend Doulton Court to anyone 100% we are very grateful to everyone there who cared for Dad.”

Nominated by: Jo, Relative


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