December 19, 2017

How the little things can make a big difference to our residents and their loved ones #Winter #Warmers


In a previous blog, we shared a video of Christina, the daughter of one of our residents at Sandringham Care Home. In the video Christina explains a special moment that stood out for her in her mum’s 7 years at Sandringham; the first time her mum referred to Sandringham as “home”.

It is something so small, that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, but something that means a lot to Christina.

Today we are sharing with you a video which highlights another special moment that meant so much to one of our resident’s loved ones.

Pat was looking for a care home for her neighbour. Here she explains her search for the perfect home and one moment that still sticks in her mind many years later:

“Pat was my neighbour, she began to exhibit signs of Dementia, I used to have her in every day after work, but it got to the stage where she did have to go into a home.

“Unfortunately after a few months in the home she was in, she was actually getting out – she’s quite a clever lady. So I had to find another home.

“I was given a list. I went round the homes; several of them wouldn’t see me because I hadn’t got an appointment. It had been quite a dispiriting day, and I came here the last on my list and only because I had seen another one local… And I knocked at the door, Richard answered, and I explained what I was here for. He said yes, more than welcome to look around but could he just finish putting a ladies socks on. Then he showed me around, I saw the garden with the animals in and I knew this was the place for Pat because she absolutely adores animals, and I’ve never regretted it since.

“It’s absolutely brilliant. Staff care about the residents, that’s what they’re all about.”

Home Manager Richard from Cedar Court Care Home made a lasting impression; just from the small gesture of taking the time to put one of our resident’s socks on. This memory is still treasured by Pat even years later!

This example highlights how small gestures and acts of kindness by our colleagues can make a big difference to our residents and their loved ones.

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