Meet the Care Home Assistant Practitioner (CHAP) Team

The Care Home Assistant Practitioner (CHAP) Team work closely to support the delivery and development of the CHAP Programme across the UK with the aim of enhancing resident experiences through advancing leadership and knowledge. We caught up with the team to ask them a little more about the programme and about their role within the CHAP support team. Find out more about the CHAP role…

“I look for three things in a potential CHAP; a passion to make a difference, experience in care, ideally with some leadership experience, and a willingness to learn.”

Louise Morris – National CHAP Project Lead

"I feel that the CHAP Programme brings so many benefits on all levels. It encourages progression and nurturing of team members within the work place. It offers people the opportunity to grow and develop their skills within their role. It emphasises team work and the sharing of skills and knowledge, ultimately it contributes to enhancing care standards which benefits residents and the team.”

Nicola Hopkins - Resident Experience Care Specialist (Lead)

“In supporting the Nurse, the CHAP takes up clinical skills for which they have been assessed and deemed competent thus freeing up the Nurse to tackle more complex cases.”

Robert Hammond - Resident Experience Care Specialist

“The Programme is recognised by outside agencies and universities. It is a great career stepping stone but also a good long term career too. As care practice advances there could well be extensions to practice for some CHAPs in certain types of care setting. The programme itself is undergoing development for those that are already qualified and looking to be stretched a little further.”

Elaine Shahabeddin - Resident Experience Care Specialist

“CHAPs have real insight into someone’s personal care needs as they work alongside the care team and they also know about the clinical and medical side of their care. The CHAP can demonstrate best practice, coaching at the bedside and also provide insight to the Nurse about an individual’s preferences. Knowing your resident is key to making a resident’s experience of care a good one and also improves safety.”

Jane Wilde - Resident Experience Care Specialist

“Our CHAPS can help lead the team on the floor to deliver person-centred care whilst educating and empowering Care Assistants to live the Four Seasons Health Care values.”

Stephanie McDowell - Resident Experience Care Specialist

CHAP Course Overview

From application to CHAP graduation | The journey of the Care Home Assistant Practitioner Programme

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Meet the Care Home Assistant Practitioner (CHAP) Support Team | Get your questions answered…

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