June 07, 2018

Are you considering the Care Home Assistant Practitioner (CHAP) Programme? | Get the inside scoop from Sophie Mudd, CHAP Recruiter


If you are a Care Assistant and are considering taking the next step with the Four Seasons Health Care, Care Home Assistant Practitioner (CHAP) Programme what better way is there to prep than to hear from the recruiter themselves. Here we speak to Sophie Mudd, CHAP Recruiter about her role and what she believes makes the CHAP Programme stand out:

Can you explain your current role within the CHAP team?


“I am the Internal Recruiter for our Care Home Assistant Practitioners. I work alongside the Regional CHAP Leads: advertising the CHAP role, receiving & shortlisting candidates, conducting telephone interviews and scheduling the assessments and interviews.”


What is the best thing about your role with Four Seasons?


“Previously I worked in agency recruitment and as much as I loved the rollercoaster that agency is, I always felt like it was a bit of a conveyor belt of candidates.

“In my role at Four Seasons Health Care I am the first point of contact for potential CHAPs, and I am present right through the recruitment process and even attend their CHAP graduations.

“I genuinely love my job – I know that sounds like a bit of a cliché – but I do!”


What does the CHAP Programme mean to you?


“The CHAP Programme is amazing and I genuinely mean that. It offers a next level of progression to ambitious Senior Care Assistants and Care Assistants and gives them the opportunity to broaden their clinical skillset. 

“The 12 week CHAP Programme is hard work but very rewarding. They are supported throughout by an excellent network of people including their Nurse Mentor, their Home Manager and their Regional CHAP Lead, just to name a few. 

“Listening to qualified CHAPs talk about how they found the programme, the benefits of the role and what the role means to them is genuinely heart-warming. They make such a difference to the lives of our residents and I am so proud of each and every one of them. I believe our CHAPs are the Nurses of the future and we are starting them off on their journey.”


What would you look for in a potential CHAP? Can you explain how you support potential CHAPs?


“When I conduct telephone interviews with potential CHAPs I explain the entire application process, CHAP training programme and what happens beyond qualification, such as possible further progression routes. This makes potential candidates aware of exactly what to expect at each stage of the process. 

“I also offer help with face-to-face interview preparation for candidates, should they need any support with this. I make sure they have a copy of the full job description and are fully aware of the expectations of the CHAP role.

“I keep in touch with them throughout the recruitment process and I love seeing them at their graduation ceremonies, celebrating the fantastic achievement of completing the CHAP Programme.”


What makes our programme stand out from our competitors programmes?


“For me it is the passion and drive that goes into our CHAP Programme. There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see. The dedication to the programme from all involved is phenomenal, right from the commitment from trainee CHAPs to Home Managers, Regional Managers and MD’s.

 “We truly believe in the programme and recognise it’s worth and benefits.”


How do you explain the CHAP role to a potential candidate?


“CHAP duties include: measuring and recording of vital signs, simple wound care and dressing, administration of simple medication and overseeing the care team.

 “The CHAPs work alongside Nurses supporting and assisting with the day-to-day running of the home. With CHAPs by their side supporting them, Nurses are able to focus more time on the clinical decisions that need to be made and undertake the complex duties that they are trained to do.”


Do the residents benefit from having CHAPs within their care team?


“Definitely! The CHAPs are resident focused and are advocates for person-centred care. They are able to spend time with the residents individually and to get to know them personally, building relationships with them and their families along the way.”


Have you seen any great examples of personal and professional growth from one of our colleagues completing the CHAP Programme?


“Yes definitely – I’ve seen qualified CHAPs be accepted onto their Nurse training. Hopefully they will return one day and be our Mentors for future CHAPs! We’ve also had Tori who after becoming a CHAP has managed to progress into the Central Auditing Team; an exceptional achievement which has been aided by the skills and experience of the CHAP role.”


For more information or to apply for the Care Home Assistant Practitioner (CHAP) programme visit our careers website.


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