December 09, 2017

A member of the Four Seasons Health Care family | Caring beyond the care home #Winter #Warmers


Our very first Winter Warmer showed you a video of why our colleagues chose a career in health care. There is an extremely important aspect of working in a care home setting that is unique, and which was missed when putting this video together; the most important people in our resident’s lives - their loved ones.

When working in a care home you touch so many people’s lives. If you talk with our colleagues, residents, or our residents loved ones about the relationships they form with each other, the word you hear the most is family.

The short video below shows Christina the daughter of one of our residents at Sandringham Care Home. This video was originally produced by Sam Bright Personal Activities Leader (PAL) at Sandringham. Christina’s words are truly heartfelt and her sentiments are echoed by many of our residents loved ones. We felt it was important to share Christina’s lovely words:


“What I like about Sandringham… I’ve thought about this… and mum’s here living in Sandringham nearly seven years, but I can remember the second summer that she was here. And it was a beautiful summer’s evening, my brother and I put her in the wheelchair and took her for a walk down the road.  And everything was going grand until we got to the bottom of the road… and all of a sudden the world became too big for her, and she got very upset. So we decided we would come back.

“We walked back up through Sandringham, we got back to the front door of East Wing, opened the door and mum said ‘oh good, were home’.

“What’s not to like…

“This is my mum’s home. And the staff and the residents are my mum’s extended family, and whoever is my mum’s extended family of course become my extended family too.

“So, some days you don’t feel like coming in. Some days it’s a bit hard to come in, but when you come in and you have Everlyn meeting you at the door saying ‘Here’s my friend!’, or you have your Nan sitting blowing you a kiss on the way out. It just makes it alright.

“What’s not to like about Sandringham, perfect? No. But as near to perfect as you’ll get for Dementia care.”

Working with older people in a care home setting we are in a privileged position. We get to know our residents and their loved ones, and they become a part of our lives and we become a part of theirs.

We are honoured to be thought of as a member of our residents’ families, thank you to Christina for sharing your thoughts with us.


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