February 05, 2018

Four Seasons Health Care | What is the Care Home Nursing Journal (CNJ)?


You may have noticed that several of our ‘Best Practice’ articles refer to Four Seasons Health Care’s very own Care Home Nursing Journal (CNJ). But what is the CNJ? Who is it for? And, what will you find there? For those who don’t know, here is all you need to know about our award winning publication:

What is the Care Home Nursing Journal (CNJ)?

The CNJ was first launched in 2017. The publication showcases the wonderful and innovative work that our care homes deliver, across the UK, so our Nurses may learn from each other. Currently our publications reach at least 3000 of our Nurses and a wider online community - and our circulation list is always growing!

Joanne Strain, Head of Nursing opened our first edition with this message: “I am very proud to introduce you to the first edition of Four Seasons Health Care’s new Nursing journal - Care Home Nursing. As Head of Nursing at Four Seasons Health Care I am delighted that we are able to showcase the wonderful and innovative work that our care homes across the UK deliver so that we all may learn best practice from one another. Our ethos at Care Home Nursing is quite simply to improve the quality and experience of residents in our care homes.”

We are now working on our fifth edition (Volume 2, Issue 1) of the CNJ and along the way we have been lucky enough to be recognised at the Training Journal Awards for “Best organisational development programme” and at the Laing Buisson Awards for “Nursing Practice” in the Clinical Services category.

The judges at the Training Journal Awards commented: “The design of this intervention, which on the surface appears very simple, completely meets the needs of the organisation and has had significant impact. A particular strength was that Four Seasons Health Care decided to make these resources freely available to anyone (even competitors) making the impact even greater and is improving healthcare outcomes in care homes everywhere."

Who is the CNJ for?

The journal is prepared especially for our Nursing and Clinical colleagues but the simple answer is it is for everyone! Everyone working in or interested in health care can benefit from the CNJ. We are delighted to share knowledge and examples of good practice so that others can learn and ultimately we can enhance our resident’s quality of life.

What content will I find in the CNJ?

Our content is developed with our Nurses, CHAPs and the communities we serve in mind. Special additional content, which complements the contents of the CNJ is often available via SOAR – our e-learning platform - in the Nursing Community section. Our Nurses can login to SOAR and join our Nursing community to reflect and share their thoughts and feelings about the journal, what they liked, what they found helpful and what they would like to see more of in future issues.

How can I get involved?

Many of our Nurses wish to give back to their profession by sharing their knowledge and mentoring others. That is why we welcome feedback or contributions from anyone, if you would like to contribute to future editions of the CNJ please contact any of the Clinical Editors; Louise Morris, Jim Cunningham or Craig Priestley. Simply email marketing@fshc.co.uk to get in touch!

Also, if there is a topic or article that you would like to see covered please let us know!

You can also find further information on any of the journal articles by contacting the editorial team.

How can the CNJ help me with revalidation?

The CNJ can also help you with your revalidation, by purposefully reflecting on an article you have read or written for the CNJ and linking it to the NMC Code of Conduct. There are occasionally CNJ Nurse Academy specials where you can participate in webinars after reading the CNJ, this also counts towards your participatory learning hours.


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