November 16, 2017

International Nursing | Carmela's journey from the Philippines, to the Netherlands and to the UK


Recently, Carmela contacted us to tell us how proud she was of her CHAPs at their graduation. Here at Four Seasons Health Care we love to celebrate all of our colleagues’ achievements and it turns out Carmela had an amazing story of her own to share.

Carmela started her career as a Nurse in the Philippines, she has since worked in the Netherlands and the UK, and has progressed to Deputy Manager at Charnwood Care Home. Here she tells us a little about her career so far:


Q: Can you tell me a bit about your career progression?

A: I gained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in the Philippines in 1996. I worked in the Netherlands for one year from 2001-2002 as a Nurse when they began to recruit Nurses from overseas. I learned to speak Dutch so I could communicate effectively with my patients.

From the Netherlands, I moved to the UK in 2002. I did my adaptation period in one of the care homes in Nottingham. Once I gained my PIN number I worked my way up from RGN to Senior Sister and then to care home Deputy Manager.

After many years, I felt I needed a change, so I joined the NHS in 2009 until 2015. I worked in the Medical Admissions Unit and attempted to work my way up to Band 6, but there was a lot of competition, and so unfortunately I didn’t managed to get the post I wanted.


Q: What led you to becoming a nurse working in elderly residential care? And, how long have you worked at your current home?

A. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2014 which made me struggle to work in my acute medical environment; hence I considered working again in an elderly residential setting since that was my background. I applied as RGN in Charnwood Care Home in 2014, but I was offered a Deputy Managers post due to my previous work experience.

I have worked in Charnwood from 2015 up to the present. I’ve worked in a lot of homes before and I feel Charnwood is special because the company acknowledges my experience and abilities to do my job, and I feel so at home in Charnwood as it’s just right in front of my doorstep.


Q. As a nurse, what’s the best thing about your role with Four Seasons Health Care?

A. The best thing about my role is that, I have a broad experience with acute medicine and elderly care. I am very flexible and I am able to adapt to the different treatment that each resident requires.


Q. What attracted you to apply to Four Seasons Health Care? And why do you stay?

A. Initially I was recruited through an agency, I posted my CV online -and it must have attracted someone’s attention! I am very happy with my job and I enjoy every minute of it despite the stress, hence why I stayed. Also working for FSHC, there are a lot of career progression opportunities and that interests me.


Q. What is your favourite aspect of your work?

A. I enjoy being hands on with my work and working together with my colleagues and residents to make a difference in their day-to-day life.


Q. Do you have any future career aspirations?

A. I do aspire to step up the ladder when opportunity arises but most importantly something where I’m going to be happy.


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