November 20, 2017

EU Nursing | Radu's journey from Romania to the UK


Moving to another country to start your career can be a daunting prospect. Even if you have been planning your move to the UK for a long time, taking that first step can be challenging. Recently we met with Radu, a Nurse at Regents View Care Home. Radu is originally from Romania, he recently moved to the UK to work in elderly care. In this video, Radu discusses the relocation process, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the support he received from Four Seasons Health Care.

Q. Why did you move to the UK?
A. I just had a feeling I wanted to go to the UK, it’s been sort of a wish of mine since I was a small child that I wanted to (be) in an English environment.

Q. Was there a reason you chose to be a Nurse in elderly care?
A. There’s a bit of a longer story… but let’s just say, I grew up with my grandma and I’ve always felt very close to her, and I don’t know I just felt a connection with the elderly and I thought I’d develop on this.

Q. What is your next step?
A. I have a certain plan but, right now I’m just focusing on getting everything together because it’s a bit overwhelming learning all the different ways that (things) are done here in the UK because (I’m) obviously from a different country - you learn one thing and you come here and it’s almost completely different. And I’m not talking about nursing, I’m talking more like rules, legislation and what not… the paperwork and everything.

Q. Why did you choose Four Seasons Health Care?
A. They gave me certain offers. I researched a bit about every firm that was there and I don’t know, I just thought Four Seasons was a bit more around the caring side and the person-centred care was the most attractive thing to me and I thought that’s what I wanted.

Q. How did you find the IELTS Programme?
A. … I found the IELTS overwhelming at first … the IELTS is mainly about getting used to it. Once you get used to it, you do the exercises, you know what it’s about then it gets a lot easier.

Q. How long did it take to move to the UK?
A. … I started in December and I only moved in April, so it took a while.

Q. How were you supported since you arrived in the UK?
A. Yes, I have been very supported. I even had a two week course, a preceptorship as a starter, and ever since I came back I’m doing supernumerary hours with nurses and everything.

Q. Did you have a Nurse Mentor to support you?
A. Yes, I still do her name is Susan Bowes and she’s teaching me as best as she can.

Q. Have you formed relationships here in the UK?
A. The relationships I have formed are mostly work based with my colleagues and what not. I don’t really know anyone outside of work, because like I said there wasn’t really much time and I haven’t been here for long, but I will get there.

Q. Would you recommend Four Seasons Health Care to friends?
A. Of course, anyone who wants to be a Nurse and who likes this aspect of person-centred care and being close to the residents and what not… definitely, Four Seasons is the way to go.

Q. How was the relocation process?
A. Let’s just say I formed the idea of leaving a while ago, so it wasn’t that hard… and the relocation went really well because Four Seasons supported me with everything. They bought my plane ticket, they helped me with the hotel (and) the administrator here helped me find a house to rent. It all went very smoothly and everyone’s very friendly so can’t complain about that.
Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Radu.

If you are a Nurse looking to relocate to the UK like Radu, our International Recruitment team can help you. Call our recruitment hotline for more information 01625 417800.


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