January 10, 2018

EU Nursing and IELTS | Nurse Oana's journey from Romania to the UK


Recently we had the pleasure of meeting Oana. Originally from Romania, Oana qualified as a Nurse and moved to the UK with her family to start a new life. Oana tells us about studying with the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), why she decided to work in a care home, the relationships she has formed with her colleagues and the support she received from Four Seasons Health Care.

Q. Can you tell us about your career as a nurse so far?

A. Well actually my career started here in the UK, at first I started as a Senior Care Assistant at Park House Care Home. I did this job for 3 months, until I finally got my PIN number and I started as a Nurse on the 31st of October… and so far so good.

Q. What advice would you give to a Nurse moving to the UK?

A. For an EU Nurse? Things here in the UK are not the same as in our country. It’s a different system, there are different laws and responsibilities towards your residents or patients. So you just need to follow up on this regulations and abide to the code obviously, NMC code, and just respect it and be confident.

Q. Why did you decide to move to the UK?

A. We just wanted to try something new and we decided to come over because we already have friends here and we thought they would help us to start, and this happened actually. And, I had lots of support from Four Seasons and it was great.

Q. How was the recruitment and relocation process?

A. Four Seasons gave me lots of support, I had quite a generous relocation pack and when I came over I just started the job and everything came through step by step, and I had lots of support from my Home Managers, from Lydia and Karen (they were) very supportive and they said anything you need just tell us and everything will be fine. Also, Camilla and Arthi were fantastic, they came over to see me and make sure that I was ok, that I was happy, that I have everything in place just to do my job.

Q. Were you happy with the support provided by Four Seasons Health Care?

A. Yes I’m very happy, I can’t imagine working someplace else, I feel like I’ve been doing this forever really.

Q. Why did you choose Four Seasons Health Care?

A. Because it’s a big company, I’ve found lots of good reviews over the internet before coming over here. They gave me a great relocation pack, lots of support as I said before, my colleagues are fantastic we get along very well, we work as a team – actually on my unit we’re like family.

Q. How did you find the IELTS programme?

A. It was a big issue with IELTS because I tried to sit the exam three times and I wasn’t successful. I only scored 6.5 in writing the others were fine - were over seven - and one day Camilla called me, rang me, and said would you like to talk about a course with some specialists in IELTS and I said… At first I didn’t want to because I thought I can do it by myself, but then I realised that a little bit of help is good for anyone so I accepted, and after six lessons I managed to score seven, so it was great.

Q. How long did IELTS take to complete?

A. Well, six months – six months in total since I registered my documents to NMC and finally managed to score seven.

Q. Why did you choose to work in a care home?

A. Basically all my life I was in touch with elderly, and it’s fine for me, I love it. I love taking care of them and helping the ones who need, especially the ones with dementia and with learning disabilities. I like to be part of their life and make a difference.

Q. Are there any specialist skills you are hoping to acquire?

A. Well actually Four Seasons provides me lots of trainings to attend, which is great that I can keep up with the knowledge and keep up to date that’s all I need – which I said Four Seasons offers me full support about that.

Q. Have you formed relationships here in the UK?

A. I have friends at work – they were so nice, all my colleagues were so nice. I have another two Romanian Nurses on the same unit with me, my Unit Manager is fantastic, and we started a nice friendship where we all support each other and take care of each other – which is great.

Q. Would you recommend Four Seasons Health Care?

A. Yes I would definitely recommend Four Seasons for all the support they provide for foreign Nurses, for relocation, for training purposes and also for IELTS.

Q. Can you tell us about the support you received from your Home Managers?

A. Karen every time she sees me, she asks me: ‘Are you happy? Are you ok? Let me hug you.’ She was very happy with me getting my PIN. Lydia also, if you need something, actually she was asking me after my IELTS exam: ‘If you don’t pass this session, how could I help you? Tell me what I need to do, should I ring NMC and talk to them?’ I said: ‘o Lydia no, you can’t, actually I will not get my PIN if you send reference to NMC, but thank you.’

It was very impressive for me to find this kind of support from them.   


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Oana.

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