December 07, 2017

When you wish upon a star #Winter #Warmers


Today is day 7 of sharing our Winter Warmers – we hope by now you’re feeling rather toasty!

Today we are bringing you another special story from one of our homes. The team at Cardonald Care Home in Glasgow have started a very special initiative; our colleagues are making our residents’ wishes come true!

We wanted to understand more, so we asked Michelle Murray, Cardonald Care Home Manager, about the initiative:

“I have an amazing, dedicated PAL, Agnes Sweeney, who ensures that our residents’ wishes are granted, along with my care team who dedicate their free time to volunteer to make these wishes possible.

Through one to one and group activities my team and I are able to find out about our residents’ past experiences. This often triggers fond memories that are then encouraged to be entered into the wish box for their dreams to become reality once more.”

The wish box is located in reception and our residents use it to tell the team what special experiences they would like granted. Michelle is immensely proud of her teams’ efforts in creating these special memories, as she should be. Here are just some of the wishes they have granted in 2017:

Your wish is our command

WISH: A weekend away

GRANTED: Margaret Bremner’s wish was to go back to Rothay for the weekend, as this was somewhere she used to go for family holidays back in 1970. The team took her to the Sunnyside B&B for a weekend of fun and reminiscence.

Michelle, Home Manager, said: “Mrs Brember had been a regular at the hotel since 1973 and she was delighted to find her name written in an old visitor’s book.

“Listening to Mrs Bremner’s stories and taking her to places that she remembered from her trips was a real pleasure. I am so happy we were able to grant her wish.”

WISH: A trip to the seaside

GRANTED: Four of our residents speak fondly of the simple pleasure of eating fish and chips by the seaside. The team organised a special trip to the seaside resort of Largs to make this wish come true.

WISH: A night at the theatre

GRANTED: Four residents asked to go to the theatre. Michelle and her Personal Activities Leader (PAL), Agnes Sweeney, fulfilled their wish and took them to see the iconic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Edinburgh. They even met the stars of the show afterwards!

WISH: A game of bingo

GRANTED: Who doesn’t love a classic game of Bingo?!  A few bingo fanatics expressed their wish to go into one of their frequently visited Bingo halls. Our residents were very much welcomed by the bingo hall team and a courtesy lunch (and chocolates) was provided!

WISH: A trip to Barrow lands

GRANTED: Our residents with fond memories of visiting the famous Barrow lands and surrounding area in Glasgow asked for a return trip. It was arranged for them to visit Loch Fyne seafood café to buy the famous cockles and mussels and take in the scenery.

WISH: Return to Ibrox Rangers football club

GRANTED: One of our residents worked all her life at Ibrox Rangers Football Club; her wish was to spend the day with her old work colleagues and reminisce about their long standing service. So we took her to visit her old stomping ground. Our lady was treated like royalty and even went to lunch with John Brown, a former Rangers player. They also came back home with memorabilia!

WISH: A weekly outing to the local shops (ahem, pubs)

GRANTED: One of our male residents always used to enjoy his weekly visit to the local bookmakers and his local watering hole. He wished for this to be a weekly outing, and of course his wish was granted.

Some of our female residents, who previously enjoyed shopping at M&S back in the day, simply requested a trip back to shop, and even enjoyed a special afternoon tea.

WISH: A visit to the local animal shelter

GRANTED: Many of our residents love animals especially dogs and cats, and regularly talk of their pets. Their wish was to visit the local cats and dogs home, and their wish was granted! Our residents loved visiting the shelter so much that they set up a donation box which they fill with pet care essentials to take to the shelter in appreciation of what they do. One of our residents even convinced their daughter to adopt a stray cat!

WISH: Watch an André Rieu concert

GRANTED: One of our residents is Dutch and has fond memories of going to André Rieu’s concerts back in her home country. Unfortunately, the concerts were sold out and the location of the concerts meant we could not fulfil her wish. But the team weren’t bested yet; they purchased DVD’S of live concerts and had an Andre Rieu themed evening, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Some of these wishes are so very simple, but bring so much joy. When speaking with Michelle she also mentioned that whilst on a trip to a local supermarket one of our female residents was astonished by the amount of people going about their daily business, in awe of it all, she said, “Look at all these people that are here, I wish I could just sit and watch them for a while.”… So they did! This example really shows how important the little things are. Thank you to Michelle and her team at Cardonald for making these wishes come true.

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