May 02, 2018

Paint your lips RED in aid of Dementia UK #RedLippyDay


I have a note in my diary… It says this Friday, May 4th, is ‘Red Lippy Day for Dementia UK’ and this got me thinking about how #redlippyday came to be…  

Jules Osmany started ‘Red Lippy Day’ 4 years ago, in an attempt to do ‘something’ when her glamorous Mum, Gloria, who is living with Vascular Dementia, began to decline rapidly.

Born in the 1930s, Gloria always took pride in her appearance. Inspired by film stars of the day such as Ava Gardener and Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria wouldn’t leave home without her signature red lipstick.

In 2013 Jules asked her Mum if she would like anything for Mother’s Day, Gloria replied, ‘Yes, can you buy a red lipstick?’ Sadly this would be one of the last coherent conversations Jules would have with her mother as she took a turn for the worse.

Jules watched helplessly, wanting to ‘do something’ to help. A make-up artist herself, she came up with the idea of ‘Red Lippy Day’, “…red lipstick held such importance for mum throughout her life, as it does for many women, that it felt right somehow.”

Red Lippy Day’ was first launched in 2015, in collaboration with Dementia UK it was a huge success raising over £13,000. Since then, the event has grown rapidly, and it continues to raise much needed funds for dementia specialist.

“Red Lippy Day is a fun day,” says Jules. “We hope it makes people realise that the wearing of a bright lip colour was indicative of good times, getting ready to go to weekly dances, following film stars of the day, going out with friends, when youth and vitality were at a peak and not the sad circumstances we all see our loved ones in now, usually at the end of their lives.”

The Facebook page @redlippyday has become a community of support for those affected by Dementia, Jules states, “Dementia is not just a case of forgetting where you’ve put things, or not recalling names and family members, it’s a devastating condition that many have to endure and families have to witness until the ultimate end, there is no cure, there is no positive outcome of this degenerative condition, we ask people are made aware how devastating this is for all concerned.”

“It's a very emotional week ahead, (from) the massive highs of people around the country getting involved in #redlippyday to the devastating lows of why it started in the first place...”

Jules E. Osmany April 30th 2018

Help raise awareness for Dementia | How to take part in #RedLippyDay

#redlippyday is a fantastic idea for a great cause which was inspired by a small thing which made a big difference to one lovely lady.  So we are asking our colleagues to glam up and wear your red lipstick on Friday May 4th! Most importantly, tell people why you’re wearing it and take a selfie with #redlippyday, join the community on social media and help raise awareness.

Thank you for your support. #redlippyday


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