December 08, 2017

‘Metamorphosis’ | The journey to positive mental wellbeing #Winter #Warmers


Today we are reflecting back on a very special event.

In October this year, as part of mental health awareness week, Four Seasons Health Care partnered with Belfast Trust to exhibit some of the beautiful displays of arts and crafts produced by our residents, with the help of our colleagues.

The exhibition highlighted the importance of mental health and the significance of positive mental wellbeing. The exhibition, which took place at Knockbracken Hall, was officially opened by Lisburn Mayor, Tim Morrow.

The event was a huge success and even attracted an endorsement from The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, who got in touch to congratulate our residents on their beautiful pieces.

Carol Cousins, Managing Director of Four Seasons Health Care in Northern Ireland explained why the organisation places such a prominence on the mental wellbeing of their residents: “We treat each of our residents across all of our homes as an individual with their own personal choices about care needs and lifestyles. When care needs include mental health as well as physical heath support we recognise the importance of working to maintain healthy mental wellbeing. Working on art and craft keeps our residents active and they take great delight when their talent is recognised. The exhibition is called ‘Metamorphosis’ which is fitting as it heralds the journey to positive mental wellbeing which is vital to all of us, young and old.

“The exhibition is a tribute to the users of our mental health units and to our dedicated teams.”

Our residents were invited to share anything which inspired them from poems, to sculptures, to paintings. Here are some of the pieces from the day, and just one of the beautiful poems shared by our residents:  

Free As A Bird

I would love to roam

In field of silken green.

With daffodils of yellow

Splashes of colour in between.


Leave this city behind me

Stone side walks of ghostly grey.

Towering buildings void of beauty

Traffic jams all through the day.


I want to breathe the air

From streams and forest and trees.

Listen to the sounds of nature

This has always been my dream.


Don’t want to be a prisoner

Of this city where I dwell.

Breathing fumes from polluting machines

Where all highways lead to hell.


One day I will leave this town

A city built and ruined by man.

And live my life embracing nature

The way our lord God had planned.


John Read 19/07/2013

Working together to raise awareness

The event was a huge success due to the hard work and determination of our residents and colleagues. Four of our homes came together to organise this amazing event, Saintfield Lodge, Greerville Manor, Lecale Lodge and Cedarhurst Lodge. Melanie Reyes, Home Manager of Saintfield Lodge said: “This whole project has been such a rewarding one for residents and staff alike, it is such a joy to discover how talented our residents are and the pleasure they have taken in their art work, this has brought us all closer as a team.”



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