December 22, 2017

Making new friends at any age #Winter #Warmers


One of the amazing benefits of working or living in a Four Seasons Health Care home is the number of people you come into contact with.

‘Networking’ and making new friends is made as easy as possible for our care home residents because everybody is encouraged to get involved in group activities, or even just have a chat over a cup of tea.

Our care home colleagues also form extremely close friendships with our residents and with each other, and many of our colleagues refer to their workplace as their ‘home from home’.

All Four Seasons Health Care homes are encouraged to celebrate the different friendships that develop between residents, families, friends and colleagues, as well as with their neighbours and wider communities to reinforce how they are an integral part of their community spirit!

You don’t have to look far to find examples of these friendships forming and recently a story with a familiar face highlighted just that.

Absolutely Fabulous star Dame June Whitfield proves you really can make new friends at any age

Recently The Mirror ran a story about the iconic Dame June Whitfield, who revealed she has moved out of her house and into a care home, and is enjoying not having any responsibilities and making new friends.

It seems the renowned actress - who became a household name following her time on TV series Terry and June, followed by her role as Edina's mum in Absolutely Fabulous - has said she is pleased to have left her big house to move into a home where she can be surrounded by friends and doesn't have to worry about the plumbing.

Sadly Dame June Whitfield, aged 92, lost her husband 16 years ago and has been living on her own “in a big house for 10 years”.

She told The Mirror that she finds life easier since she moved into a care home, saying: "Now I have friends where I live and I like it. They’re fun. I don’t have to worry about things like the roof or the plumber anymore.”

As June highlights care homes are filled with friends, and you will frequently hear the words ‘friend’ and ‘family’ when speaking to our colleagues and residents about care home life.

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes

As always our care homes continue to place an emphasis on the importance of developing lasting relationships, connecting with local communities and encouraging intergenerational bonds, to form all kinds of “Friendship”.

Everyday new and diverse friendships are blossoming in our care homes across the country, proving you really can make new friends at any age.

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